Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Lion King Week - Day 5

Back in the summer last year Boris was mad on The Lion King film so I thought it would be fun to do a Lion King themed week for him with lots of sensory activities and fun things to do.  I didn't get round to posting about it at the time because it was a big project and I just never seemed to find the time to gather and edit all the photos. 
I have finally found the motivation to share it with you, (probably because I have been really lacking in activities for the boys recently so have nothing else activity-wise to share)  so here is it.  7 days of our activities to take you through the week.

So today we used the bug mould that I got from ASDA again.  This time I filled them with water and popped it into the freezer.  The icy bugs on their own were fascinating enough but we than added a dropper with food colouring the enhance the shapes and improve fine motor skills.  It gace us an opportunity to talk about colour mixing, and the qualities of materials (i.e. ice is frozen water, melts at room temperature etc). 

I put the food colouring into a mince pie tin, Boris found the dropper a bit tricky to fill, he struggles with coordinating squeezing the dropper and putting it into the food colouring, then letting go to suck it up.  

It was fascinating watching the colours mix on the ice and in the dish. 

The colour ran into the grooves in the bugs making their shape stand out. 

At the end we added some baby oil for an extra bit of interest, it was fascinating seeing it resist the food colouring and float on top.

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