Tuesday 12 November 2013

Important Announcement

I am so sorry for my unexplained absence.  I have a really great excuse honest.  I had a baby!
I know, doesn't time fly!  (Also he was two weeks early).  I was getting so tired towards the end of my pregnancy by the time my toddler was in bed I had no energy for blogging and could only sit in front of the TV or go to bed!
Now I am obscenely busy looking after a newborn and my beautiful nearly-two-year-old and have even less time for blogging, even though there is loads I want to say!  I miss it so much.But I am trying to enjoy and treasure these early days with my baby who was born last week Sunday in a wonderful home birth. (I am sure I will want to tell you more about that.) But for now I hope you don't mind if I am lost in the world of milk and nappies and sleepless nights for a bit.  I will be back!