Monday, 25 May 2015

Lion King Week - Day 1

Back in the summer last year Boris was mad on The Lion King film so I thought it would be fun to do a Lion King themed week for him with lots of sensory activities and fun things to do.  I didn't get round to posting about it at the time because it was a big project and I just never seemed to find the time to gather and edit all the photos. 
I have finally found the motivation to share it with you, (probably because I have been really lacking in activities for the boys recently so have nothing else activity-wise to share)  so here is it.  7 days of our activities to take you through the week.

I started the week by laying out all of Boris' jungle/safari related toys and a lion costume that my mum bought especially for him from Amazon.  

As they came into the room  had my Lion King CD playing the first song from the film, it felt very theatrical and exciting. 

They explored some jungle/safari themes books that I had and some I borrowed from the library.  We read the books together throughout the week. 

And then they ate a Lion King themed breakfast I prepared for them.  Zebra stripe toast made with Marmite and marshmallow fluff, and a coconut shell filled with fruit. 

Our first activity of the week was an invitation to play which I created with a large under-bed storage box filled with different natural materials and plastic jungle/safari animals.  I used sand, wood chips, soil, water and some leaves.

Boris had a little look at the scene but didn't fully engage (I think because he was a bit young at the time) but I had fun setting it up and it did get a bit of a look in later in the week. Definitely something I should try again now he is a bit older. 

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