Thursday, 6 March 2014

Planning for March

It's been a busy time for us recently, with Boris' birthday followed by Boris and Biscuit's Baptisms last week and the usual hecticness (is that a word?) that is involved with life and two small children so I am slow of the mark with March planning. Things have been stressful at times and I have wished I had more help at home so I could enjoy life more instead of always feeling rushed and like I am always doing chores.  As you know, being on top of things isn't one of my strongest points so although I am trying to be organised, recently things have got a bit overwhelming.  Hopefully you can forgive the tardiness of my March planning but here it is.  (As with February, some of these activities are carried over from last month because we didn't get time to do them.)

1. Post card shapes into a box,
2. Dance to music,
3. Draw with chalk on the patio,
4.Pancake day - Make and eat pancakes,
5.Colour pasta with food colouring and thread onto pipe cleaners,
6. World Book Day - visit library and borrow books,
7. National Doodle Day - Do some doodles!
8. Walk on the beach,
9. Visit Grandpa (or other elderly friend or relative)
10. Have a pillowcase sack race,
11. Make gel colour/glitter bags,
12. World Maths day - do counting activities,
13. Mothering Sunday - Spoil myself!
14. Pi Day - Eat Cherry Pie,
15. Have a daddy/son day,
16. Create an invitation to play with wooden peg people,
17. Play pairs with pairs cards,
18. Make sock puppets,
19. Do scratch board paintings (wax crayon covered with black paint mixed with washing up liquid)
20. World Day of Theatre for Children - do a puppet show,
21. International day of Forests and Trees - Go for a walk in the woods,
22. World water day - Do a water play activity,
23. World meteorological day - Do a weather related activity,
24. Bang on saucepans,
25. National agriculture day - spend time at the allotment, plant potatoes etc.
26. Potato printing,
27. Fly a kits,
28. Make a felt shape board,
29. Earth Hour/Natural baby festival in Oxford,
30. Make stars from tissue paper to stick on the window,
31. Paint a tree. 

So there you have it, there is March, hope you are all having a good one, spring is on it's way!


  1. We just watched Stomp this afternoon - think there might be a fair bit of banging on saucepans happening round here soon!

    You have a tiny one - be kind to yourself! xxxx

  2. I don't ave time to be kind to myself! I do have very ow standards though so that makes things easier.