Monday, 24 March 2014

Gel Bag Aquariums

Its been a frantic time recently, lots of dashing about and not much time for fun to be honest.  I am finding things with a toddler and 4 month old Very. Hard. Work. Like, all the time hard, like, never get a break hard, like, RELENTLESS hard.  I am told it gets easier, but in the mean time I am pottering off to toddler groups, meeting with friends, and ploughing through March's activities.  (seriously, hardest job I have ever had)
Last week we made Gel bag aquariums.  Or rather I made a gel bag aquarium and Boris threw it around the room.  Oh well.

Here's what you need:

Zip lock bag,
Tub of hair gel (15p from ASDA, I bought two!)
Tube of glitter,
Coloured foam sheets,

All you do is cut out some under the sea shapes from the foam sheets, I did a jelly fish, gold fish, shark, star fish and some sea weed, then put them into the zip lock bag with the other "ingredients", zip it up and away you go.  Children can have fun searching for different sea creatures and moving them around to create different scenes.  In fairness to Boris, he did help me put the glitter into the bag and helped select the beads. Which I think he enjoyed. The activity was a bit too advanced for him because he didn't play with it is the way I wanted him to, but obviously that is my failing in trying to control the activity too much and not his failing.
Here are some pics of the finished thing, it looked really magical up against the window.


  1. That's a lovely idea! Don't worry - it does get easier! Before you know they'll be playing with one another and you'll find two little backs turned towards you as they busy themselves together. It's at this point that you run to the kitchen, punching the air with joy, shout 'Result!!!' and put the kettle on. Later you might have a hot bath and a glass of wine. In the meantime, leave stuff undone. None of it matters. I believe there are still dust bunnies under the sofa that have been there since the twins were born. I'm thinking of naming them...

    1. Thanks Lynn, it is reassuring to know that it does get easier, or so people keep telling me! I am sure once that day comes I will be weeping that those days when they need me so much are over. I am trying hard to enjoy it while it is here.

  2. Yes to hard! No one warned me it would be more than a full time job! It does get easier. I promise. I love the idea. Wills is obsessed with the octonauts so this could be a popular activity in our house if I ever get around to all these fab ideas you share! Seriously where do you find the time??!! Big hugs xx

    1. Thanks Vicki, I am sure your boys would enjoy this activity.