Saturday, 1 February 2014

Planning For February

I think that February is going to be a busy month for us, there is a lot that I want to achieve and it makes me feel excited.
In January I planned a fun activity for Boris to do every day, I didn't share them because I didn't start it at the beginning of the month, but seeing as I am trying to be super organised I have managed to put together a similar list for February including lots new activities and some from January that we didn't manage to complete.  I have also included some fun activities that relate to holidays that occur in February (they aren't really holidays but I don't know what else to call them, days of note perhaps?) I like doing this because, even though Boris won't understand or recognise them it somehow makes the days seem more special and with time seeming to pass so quickly these days it feels like it makes them stand out within a month that is sure to fly by.

2 - Candlemas - Make an earthen candle, make a candle cake, have a candle lit dinner,
3 - Black and white zip-lock-bag painting,
4 - Put music on and dance,
5 - Make and play with sensory play doh (glitter, essential oil etc)
6 - Make tin can stilts and tin can telephones,
7 - Send a card to a friend day,
8 - Kite flying day,
9 - Throw balls into different sized containers,
10 - Play with coloured sensory rice,
11 - Potato printing,
12 - Pick up and transfer cotton wool balls with tongs,
13 - Play with puzzles,
14 - Valentines day activities,
15 - Go on a train ride,
16 - Sort stones and pebbles,
17 - Random act of kindness day,
18 - Visit a museum,
19 - Bang on sauce pans with wooden spoons,
20 - Make a cherry pie for Cherry Pie Day,
21 - Play pairs with pairs cards,
22 - Colour pasta with food colouring and thread onto pipe cleaners,
23- Play with sensory fabrics,
24 - Love your pet day (20th) let Boris play with the guinea pigs when I clean them out,
25 - Practice using cutlery to cut up play doh,
26 - Sort buttons and beads,
27 - Polar bear day - polar bear activities,
28 - Play with packing puffs.

I have a few other things planned for February, I read somewhere that February is self-care month so will be doing a few things for that throughout the month. Of course there is Valentines day, so will be doing some extra fun activities for Boris to mark that day (as well as a few for me and my husband) It's also Boris' 2nd Birthday (excited!) so am planning for that too, and we are having both our babies Baptised in March so I have planning to do for that too!  So much going on! 

What do you have planned for February?


  1. My word you're so organised! I always think February is quite a difficult month - winter has just gone on too long, yet there's still a bit to go before spring. It's National Libraries Day on the 8th, so we may celebrate by locating all our overdue books - ahem!

    Hope you're enjoying your newly expanded family! Precious days xxx

  2. Thanks Lynn, glad I am giving the impression of being really organised, the reality is somewhat different! Chaos is more the word these days.