Monday, 10 February 2014

Welly Boot Planters

So I had this pair of wellies that had split and were good for nothing...or so I thought!  Then I had this idea (yes you heard correctly, I thought of it all on my own, not copied from pinterest or anything!) to turn my old wellies into planters.

So I took myself and the boys off to a garden centre and bought some lovely colourful primroses, just the thing to brighten up a miserable garden in dripping wet Blighty.  I also cheered myself up with a very large slice of carrot cake and a pot of Earl Grey tea, (Boris had a flap jack).

How did you do it? I hear you cry, well it was easy really, I just folded down the tops about 2 inches to make them a little less wobbly, punched some holes in the feet of the wellies for drainage, filled them with my home made compost and bedded in the flowers and ta da!

They look really jolly at the end of the garden, and Boris helped too, attempting to punch holes and spreading compost all around the patio.  He had a great time watering them too!


  1. We do that too with the kids old wellies! It can be quite tricky to stop them getting waterlogged but usually works really well. Quite funny to leave them on the front step and watch people's faces!

    1. Oh what a great idea to leave them at the front, I might do that actually, so fun, there isn't a lot of colour at the front of our house, just the green shoots of bulbs so would be nice to have a splash of purple and pink before the daffs and tulips come through.