Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fun things to do with toddlers - Playing with corn kernels

This activity is very similar to the lentils activity which I posted a while ago, except it is far less messy, (as corn kernels are bigger the are much easier to pick up and find)  I did this activity in a large plastic box which also helped keep the kernels contained.

We scooped, we poured, we banged the measuring cups together, we drove cars through them, we even poured them over our heads!  It was all very therapeutic, them make a lovely sound when poured and feel great in your hands, also, unlike lentils, they don't stick to your hands quite so much. 

Boris had fun pushing them around with his fingers, hands, arms...yes he tried to get into the box.

All good fun.  We revisited the lentils activity a while ago using the plastic box to keep them more contained.  They were easier to manage but somehow I still found lentils in the nappies of both my children that evening!  Go figure!  

Later on we popped some of these kernels with butter as a delicious snack.

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