Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fun Things to do with Toddlers - Hammering Water Beads

Recently I have been trying to find more fun things to do with water beads, I think there is more potential out there than just picking them up out of a dish and scooping them, (as fun as that is).

 I had some water beads in the kitchen which were on the turn (read - going mouldy!) so I thought I would just let Boris destroy them, he always tries to anyway and I attempt to stop him from doing it because I feel its wasting them, but thought as he likes it so much I will give him permission to go mad with them!  So I gave him a wooden hammer and put the water beads on a reflective tray and let him go to town squishing and bashing them.

It was really good fun, I actually found it quite hilarious because of course it was nearly impossible to squash them because they kept shooting all over the place! We had water beads bouncing all over the patio, it kept Boris occupied for quite some time, he really concentrated hard on pressing the hammer onto each bead and positioning the beads ready to hammer.

Aren't the colours beautiful? Such a great tool for improving fine motor skills.
Have you any other ideas for uses of water beads?  I am thinking about freezing them, using them with water and sorting colours for starters.  I love these bouncy little thing!

Please excuse the slightly over exposed photographs, it was really hard photographing the reflective surface of the tin, the camera wanted to over compensate for the brightness so the photos were coming out really dark so had to use a bit of trial and error. 

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