Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Home Preschool - Under sea cave hideaway

As part of our Seaside theme that we have been following this summer I decided to create a little under-the-sea cave hideaway for my boys to play in and explore.  

Because we have a ridiculously small house, we don't have enough space for a dedicated corner for something like this so I re-claimed that mostly dead space under the dining room table to create an under-the-sea den.

I simply pinned some grey fabric to the underside of the table (no worries about damaging the table because no one sees the underside anyway), I also pinned some strips of chiffon, some grey netting and some other spangly kind of fabric (I am sure it has a proper name but I have no idea what, it's the sort of thing that people use to make dance outfits).  
I wanted the cave to have a bit of a magical, mystical feel which I hope the chiffon and net etc gives, I chose shades of green to suggest some sort of seaweed. 

Inside I put a big piece of drift wood to start giving it a more coastal feel, I also added three baskets of objects for the boys to explore, one contains pebbles, another shells and the last contains driftwood. 

I also included a little box with a sliding lid (I wanted to use a treasure chest but don't have one) and filled it with some cheap beads and shiny buttons as treasure, I also added a greet bottle containing a treasure map that Boris and I made together in the winter (its even more tatty now so more authentic looking).

Finally I put a basket of sea themed books into the cave, the titles are:

Three by the Sea - Mini Grey,
The Boy on the Beach - Niki Daly,
Don't be Afraid Little Pip - Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman,
Milly and the Mermaids - Maudie Smith and Antonia Woodward,
Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave - Quentin Blake,
Melrose and Croc Beside the Sea - Emma Chichester Clark,
Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey,
Splash Anna Hibiscus - Atinuke and Lauren Tobia.

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