Sunday, 7 December 2014

Counting down to Christmas

I love counting down to Christmas and this year added a new calender to aid in our festive proem. It's  a little Christmas tree made with matchboxes.  I decorated the draw of each box and the sides of the tree with a pieces Yuletide themed scrapbooking paper, and had wrote the numbers on,  I then put some chocs or sweets into each one for Boris to enjoy every day till Christmas. 

We still have our usual calender up with new activities to do each day:

 Here are our activities for this year:

Monday 1st – Sensory activity, blue ice stars in salt
Tuesday 2nd – Make and play with Christmas play dough
Wednesday 3rd – Make special Christmas cards
Thursday 4th – Write Christmas cards
Friday 5th –Visit Christmas common and buy a new ornament,
Saturday 6th – Bring in Christmas tree and decorate, 
Sunday 7th –  Do Christmas puzzle,
Monday 8th – Send Christmas cards
Tuesday 9th – Make a Christmas wreath,
Wednesday 10th – Make Christmas tree ornament
Thursday 11th – Make Christmas biscuits
Friday 12th – ,Make a snowman of Boris’ name.
Saturday 13th – Make mince pies
Sunday 14th – Christmas discovery baskets,
Monday 15th – Play with peppermint ooblek
Tuesday 16th – Make ginger bread house
Wednesday 17th – Watch the Nativity service
Thursday 18th – Play with play snow,
Friday 19th – Wrap Christmas presents
Saturday 20th – Watch it’s a wonderful life
Sunday 21st – Drink hot chocolate with candy cane stirrer
Monday 22nd – Make peppermint creams,
Tuesday 23rd – Play with peppermint sensory rice.

Wednesday 24th – Make Christmas cake, attend Crib Service. 

Are you doing anything different for your Christmas countdown?

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