Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crotchted Dish Cloths

As you may have noticed I don't like throwing things away unnecessarily, I hate waste, especially the non-biodegradable variety, so after years and years of using those nasty little yellow sponges with the scourer on one side. They always wear out really quickly and I had visions of these tiny particles of plastic entering our waterways and the stomachs of fish, and potentially our stomachs when we eat the fish, so I decided it was time to get eco and make my own dishcloths.  I knew people did it because I had seen them for sale on Etsy, but being short of money I decided to have a go at making my own with simple cotton string.

 Old cloth vs new

I crocheted a few lines (pretty badly) but came out with a perfectly serviceable dish cloth and have been using it effectively for the past few months.  It has lasted waaaay longer than a sponge and gets the grime off just as effectively. 

 Old fraying cloth

Now my crocheted cloth has started fraying and coming apart to it was time to crotchet another.  As you can see my crotchet skills have not improved that much since the last one, but this one too is perfectly serviceable and the old one is now lying happily in the compost heap waiting to become plant food for my veggies!
I am very happy with my environmentally friendly, free dish cloths and don't thin I will be going back to plastic sponges any time soon.

Lovely new cloth! I think you'll agree the crocheting is neater but I still managed to lose a few stitches along the way, hence the bizarre shape!

I can't be the only one out there who makes their own dish cloths?  What material do you use?  How do you keep those edges straight?


  1. OH! I have the same! I thought I was the only one ;-)
    They do a perfect job.

  2. Heh heh you are not alone! I love using mine, they feel so much more authentic than synthetic sponges.