Monday, 13 April 2015

Delicious vegan pizza

A little while ago I joined a local vegan group on Facebook.
One of the highlights of my week is Friday night Date Night, which basically consists on my husband and I having a takeaway whilst sitting on the sofa and watching a film on Netflix (we really know how to party now we are in our 30s and have children).  So since transitioning to a vegan diet I decided to ask on said facebook group, where I could get a decent vegan takeaway locally for my Friday night indulgences.  The first response was telling me that a Dominos pizza is vegan if you ask for it without the cheese.  My response?  If a cheeseless pizza is all I have to look forward to on a Friday night then I might just cry (First world problem I know but hey, a girl needs her junk food every now and again)  So I set about finding a way to jazz up a pizza to make it suitably slob-out worthy.
After reading the fabulous Keep it Vegan by Aine Carlin, I discovered a delicious alternative to sour cream made with cashew nuts and found that this, combined with a few blobs of dairy free pesto and a selection of pizza-worthy vegetables made a tremendous pizza that the cheesiest of cheese lovers would find appealing.
It really does hit all the right buttons and served with some chips a glass of wine you have a Friday night that any takeaway lover would fall for.
Here was my most recent offering:

Ready made pizza base (I used Nappolina pizza bases)
1 tbs ketchup,
1 tbs tomato puree,
1/2 tsp harrisa paste,
1 chopped mushroom,
1/4 sliced pepper,
1 piece sun-dried tomato,
1 marinated sweet pepper,
5 tsp dairy free pesto,
Cashew sour cream (recipe here)

Spread the sauces over the pizza base, place veggies on and dollops of cashew sour cream and pesto, cook at about 180 for 10 minutes, enjoy. 

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