Saturday, 12 July 2014

Reggio Tag Toy

When Biscuit was tiny I had in mind to create a Reggio inspired play space like this one on The Imagination Tree. I decided to make a tag toy using strong contrasting black and white with bold shapes to grab Biscuit's attention.  It took me a long time and by the time it was finished he was really a bit old for it, but I thought I would share it anyway and give you a short run down of how I made it. 

I used to do loads of crafts but have so little free time now it is a rarity, I love sewing and crafting so much I hope I can get back into it as the boys get older and can amuse themselves for longer.  So any little project I do feels like a huge achievement, and of course I want to share it!  

Step 1: Cut 5 squares of black fabric and four squares of white measuring about 12cm each (for a 10cm square with 1cm for stitching together)

Step 2: Cut one piece of black fabric (for the back) measuring about 33cm by 32cm,

Step 3:  Cut strips of tape (I think I used herring bone) for the tags,

Step 4: Cut the shapes you want appliqued onto each square,

Step 5: Sew the shapes onto the squares using a very close zig zag stitch so it creates a solid line of stitching about 1/2mm thick all the way round, this stops stray threads on the applique shapes,

Step 6: Sew together the squares as you would a patchwork quilt,

Step 7: Place the front and back face to face then pin the tabs all the way round so they are inwards,

Step 8: Sew all the way round leaving a small gap,

Step 10: Turn inside out and sew up the gap.

Very basic instructions I know, it was pretty simple though so I am sure you can work it out, and there are probably way better instructions for how to make a tab toy than these such as this one  and this one

Have you ever made a tag toy? or any toys for your baby? I would love to see them, feel free to link in the comments. 
Hope you are having a great weekend x

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