Monday, 21 July 2014

Fun Things to do with Toddlers - Water beads, hair gel and shaving foam

If water beads alone weren't fun enough then combining them with hair gel and shaving foam is a sensory extravaganza! 

We put them in a dish and let the fun begin, (how good do they look all lined up, just waiting to be mixed up)

Check out that wonderful slippery shine on those babies!

Boris gets stuck in, he isn't so fussed about getting messy hands these days.  mixing them together was like combining the layers of a blanange, jelly, custard and cake, all mixed up.

Scooping, pushing, picking up, mixing, swirling, poking, grabbing, squeezing, squelching, mushing,

A marvelously messy, superbly sensory, wonderfully wet, sensationally slippery experience!
Yes, we had a good time with the shaving foam, water bead, hair gel combo, it soon ended up all round the garden, but it was worth it.  Give it a go.  Have you done anything exciting with water beads? Leave a link in the comments!


  1. Neat! We have been having fun with crystal water beads , and I would have never thought to bring them outside. Good to know they are safe for the garden. I hope you come by and share this tomorrow at The Outdoor Play Party.

  2. Hi Anjel, only just saw your message, what a shame I missed the Outdoor play party, I must keep my eye open for more of these.